You Should Never Ask These Things to a Tarot Reader

A lot has been read and spoken about tarot. Tarot reading is an art which offers solutions to your problems and can guide you towards the next phase of your life. It is a guiding force and not a definite answer to all your queries. It can help solve your problems but it is not a sure shot solution and cannot give you an answer as to what happens next.

The tarot reader can offer suggestions but it is not possible for anyone to know what will happen next in your life and when will it happen. The cards will answer your queries and you can then walk on the path towards resolving your troubles. It is a form of energy that passes into your body and you realize the same at the end of the reading.

A lot of people tend to consider tarot cards to be all knowing and solution offering. But in reality they cannot answer all your dilemmas and can only help you understand yourself better and achieve your goals. It is advisable to prepare yourself before you head for a reading. By preparation, what you need to do is keep a set of questions ready. Take your time and think over what answers you seek. You need to write the questions down and ask them to the reader. Give as much time as possible to your questions and never haste it.

Never ask these questions to the Reader…

Yes or No questions

It is impossible for a tarot card reader to answer your yes or no questions. When you talk to a reader, you need to remember that they will interpret the cards about your life and they are not mind readers. Hence, if you ask them yes or no questions, you will not be able to get an accurate answer for the same. Do not ask questions that can be answered in a yes or no. For example, avoid questions like “will I get the job?”, instead you can ask how will my career develop. You can ask the same question in a different manner in order to get an answer for the same.

Health Questions

It is advisable to avoid questions related to your health. Do not ask the outcome of a health issue you might be facing, instead, pursue a question that will help you get the ownership of the situation. If your loved one is suffering from a health condition, you can ask the reader how you can support them to increase their chances of regaining health. It is possible that you want to seek direct answers to the questions that are bothering you but how you frame the question is how you receive the answer for the same.

Death Questions

This is a big “no.” Never ask death related questions directly as they cannot offer you an answer in yes or no. You should never ask about your death or the death of your loved one. It will not offer an insight into your question. However, you can ask about your health and wellbeing or the health and well-being of your loved one to know more about life.

Specific questions about love

In a love tarot reading, you can learn about the ways you can pursue the romantic relationship you wish to have. The tarot reader will not be able to answer specific questions about certain events in your love life. You need to keep in mind that there the reading will not guarantee an outcome for you. Hence, if you wish to know about your love life, you need to ask for advice on how to grow and deepen the connection which will help make your life much more meaningful. You can take tips on how to prepare your questions by going through Always ask questions that have meaningful answers for you. This will make the job easier for the reader as well.

Detailed questions

The reading will not be able to offer you detailed answers to your questions. When you ask a question and pick a card, the card reader will explain how the card plays a role in your life and what it means to you. It can help you think through the instances in your life and will also offer you solutions about ongoing problems. The reading will be able to get you on the right path but it will not offer a detailed, specific solution. With a tarot reading, you can avoid disappointment by being open about the information you share and explore the information you receive.

Vague Questions

Whenever you arrive for a tarot reading, it is best to arrive with a few questions in mind. You should not reach for a reading with a confused and vague mind. Your questions should not be detailed and the inquiries should not be vague. You need to talk to the reader about where you would like to focus and ask for guidance with regard to the specific topics. Keep in mind that vague questions will lead to vague answers and they will not be able to put your mind to ease.

Whether this is your first reading or you frequently consult a reader for the same, it is important to know what to expect. You need to know how to frame a question in order to get the right answer. Focus on the theme and not on an object, only then you will be able to find the right solution.

Tarot reading will help you decide what you should be looking at. You will learn how to focus on your personality and your life. When you are in the reading, you need to have an open mind and accept the cards for what they are. At times the answer will be precise and easy to understand, but sometimes it will need a lot more soul searching. This is considered as a great gift of tarot.

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