The Best Sleeping Positions For Injuries and Pain [Infographic]

The Best Sleeping Positions For Injuries and Pain

When you’re in pain it can be nearly impossible to get a good nights sleep. Whether it’s from a recent broken bone, a pulled muscle, or arthritis, pain in the body is no fun. There are several different approaches one can take to get the sleep they need, but we prefer the more natural approach.

There are sleeping positions that are optimal for different types of injuries. For example, for head pain, you’ll want an extra pillow to decrease blood flow to the head. For neck pain, placing a pillow below your knees takes the pressure off of your neck. And for lower back pain, laying on your back, with a pillow underneath your knees can help.

Depending on the type of pain, using a body pillow or flanking your body with pillows can prevent you from moving into awkward positions while you sleep. Additionally, elevating your arm, elbow, or ankle if they are injured can help keep the blood flowing away from the injured area.

It’s important to remember that your body repairs itself while you sleep. It’s during this time that your muscles and bone tissue starts to regenerate, and our bodies produce human growth hormone to help our bodies repair themselves faster.

Help your body heal faster by following these sleeping positions from Dromma below:

The Best Sleeping Positions For Injuries and Pain

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