Top 5 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

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In this article, I’m not going to tell you how many people suffer from lower back pain. And that’s because I think you already know. Instead, what I’m going to discuss is the list of the top five Exercises to relieve lower back pain.

The causes lie at both ends of the spectrum. This means lower back pain can be a result of an inactive lifestyle or an incredibly active one. So what’s the deal in your case?

Whatever the reason, you should know that you can fix the problem. It just requires a little bit of effort on your part. So let’s discuss the five most practical exercises for lower back pain relief.

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5 Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

The thing about lower back stretches for pain relief is that you can do them anywhere. They go a long way in supporting and strengthening the core of your back. Some people even choose to wear the best shoes for lower back pain when the condition gets difficult to deal with.

But you can always try these exercises to achieve positive results. So let’s get started!

#1 Knee Rolls

Stretches the spine along with mobilizing it.

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Before I begin, you should know that wearing knee sleeves for arthritis is necessary if you’re suffering from the condition. It does an excellent job at providing the much-needed protection to your knees. You can perform the exercise without one as well, but it’s always a safer option to put it on.

The knee roll stretch requires you to lie down on the back. You can place a cushion under the head. Bend your knees together while keeping the upper body loose and relaxed. Gently tuck in your chin at this point.

Now you can roll the knees towards one side before moving the pelvis. Don’t forget to keep your shoulders touching the floor. Hold this stretch for the span of an entire deep breath, followed by returning to the first position. You can repeat the exercise at least eight times, alternating sides.

Useful Tip: As a beginner, don’t move too far and place a normal-sized pillow between the knees to add some comfort. The goal is to relax the body, so keep it simple and less physically challenging at first.

#2 Bottom to Heel Stretch

Stretches the spine along with mobilizing it.

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Kneel down on all your fours with the knees under your hips and the hands under your shoulders. But don’t overarch the lower back. Keep the neck long and shoulders back without locking your elbows.

Now slowly move your bottom in the backward direction while maintaining your spine’s natural curve. Hold this particular position for a deep breath before returning to the normal posture. Repeat it eight times on a daily basis for better results.

Once this stretch becomes a part of your daily workout routine, you don’t need five Exercises to relieve lower back pain. Bottom to heel stretch is the single best exercise for lower back pain.

Useful Tip: Those with a knee condition should avoid sitting on the heels before and after the stretch. You can use a mirror to check if you’re correctly performing the exercise. And lastly, stretch to make your back and body feel comfortable. Don’t push your boundaries too soon.

#3 Back Extensions

Stretches your spine backward along with mobilizing it.

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If your job requires you to be on your toes all day long, then back pain is inevitable. For example, if you’re a waitress, the chances of standing, walking, and moving for long hours are pretty high. In this case, you don’t just need the most comfortable shoes for waitressing. You also have to make it a point to stretch often. And back extensions are incredibly useful during such times.

You have to lie down on the stomach to prop your body with the elbows. This is when your spine lengthens most naturally. Keep the neck long and shoulders back. Then you can use your hand strength to arch the back in an upward position.

This is when you might feel your stomach muscles stretching gently. Breathe properly to hold the position for at least 10 seconds. After which you can go back to your starting posture. Repeat the exercise 8 times for complete lower back pain relief.

Useful Tip: Please don’t bend the neck backward and remember to keep those hips grounded.

#4 Pelvic Tilts

Stretches your lower back while also strengthening it.

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This is the fourth stretch out of the top five Exercises to relieve lower back pain. If you want to do back pain relief exercises at home, then there’s nothing better than pelvic tilts. Just like you use golf grips to add more comfort to the golfing experience, you need to incorporate such stretches to make life more comfortable.

Lie down on the back. Place a flat cushion under the head. Bend the knees while keeping your feet hip-width apart and straight. Please make sure that the upper body is relaxed with the chin tucked in gently.

Here comes the action. Flatten the lower back onto the floor before contracting the stomach muscles. This is when you tilt the pelvis towards the heels until the lower back arches gently. At this point, you will feel the muscles located in your back contracting. Once that happens, you can return to your starting position. Repeat the procedure as many as 15 times daily. (Difference between pelvic tilt and pelvic lift)

Useful Tip: Don’t exert any force on your feet, shoulder, and neck. Also, make sure that the deep abdominals are working throughout the stretch.

#5 Deep Abdominal Stretch

Strengthens the deep muscles that support your spine.

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Lie on the back. Place a flat cushion under the head. Bend the knees while keeping your feet hip-width apart and straight. Don’t forget to keep the upper body loose and relaxed with your chin tucked in gently.

Now is the time to move. While exhaling, draw up your pelvic muscles and lower the abdominals. Hold the mild contraction as you breathe in from the abdomen for at least ten breaths. Then relax your position and repeat the exercise 5 times.

Useful Tip: There’s no need for you to pull the muscles involved in the stretch. Only use 25 percent of the maximum strength you have. And relax your legs, shoulders, and neck throughout the exercise.

The Takeaway

Everybody knows that strengthening muscles along with the core goes a long way in providing pain relief. And this not only applies to chronic back pain but also for other types of such conditions.

At the same time, you need to become more active in life. It’s important to stand up or move around during the day. Just like it’s necessary to keep your precious mouse bungee aside and take a break from video games.

So tell me, do you have any other five Exercises to relieve lower back pain? What do you do to deal with this condition?

You can leave your comments and feedback in the section below. I hope you found the content useful. Was it what you were looking for? Please do let me know.

Thank you for taking out time to read the article. I genuinely value your interest in my work!

About the author: Jacob Grill, the founder of NoPainMinute, is extremely passionate about teaching correct posture as well as movement patterns. His work consists of providing practical tips to alleviate pain and discomfort. He loves talking about the different ways in which you can use those muscles to create healthy and functional movements. He constantly keeps his brain updated with the latest advancements in medicine and science to create reliable content for his readers.



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