6 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Right Now

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Right Now

You probably have a million reasons for why you can’t run. You don’t have the right sneakers. The pavement is wet and slippery or the weather is hot and muggy. There are no good running paths where you live. You simply don’t want to. How about replacing those excuses with reasons why you should definitely start a running regime, though? Here are six to get you on your way.

  1. You’ll Burn a Ton of Calories

Exercise alone won’t necessarily help you shed pounds, but running is an unmistakably excellent workout that will certainly burn plenty of calories. While exactly how many calories you burn is based on a number of factors, including your weight, gender, current activity level, duration of run and how far you go, you can still expect to burn a lot. According to the Huffington Post, you’ll burn an average of 50% more calories running than you would walking.

  1. Your Health Will Improve

Working out will give you extra energy, even if you feel sleepy right after your run. Also, according to the National Cancer Institute, being active can lower your risk of breast and colon cancer, and it may even be able to protect you from other types of cancers. Running also helps your bones to be strong and it can slow down the process of bone loss. As if that’s not enough, running also promotes a healthy immune system, which is essential to keeping the flu and seasonal colds at bay.

  1. It Simply Feels Good

There are a lot of reasons why people run. You can join a running group if you want to meet new people and make friends, or share something you love with other people who have the same interests. You can start running to get some much-needed alone time and to escape from the stresses of daily life. You can run in order to accomplish a goal, like running your first race. You can run for charity and know that you made a difference. Ultimately, whatever your reasons for running, the exercise will release those chemicals in your brain that simply make you feel good. Think of it as medicine without the actual medicine.

  1. You Can Run Anywhere

So long as you have workout clothes and sneakers with you, you can run practically anywhere. It’s an ideal exercise for people who travel, because they can walk out of their hotel and hit the pavement immediately. Running doesn’t have to encompass miles upon miles of open space, though. You can use a treadmill even if space is limited, if it’s raining or if the weather’s too chilly to head outside. Join a gym or splurge on a treadmill for your home so that you can get a run in no matter what.

  1. You’ll Start Sleeping Better

The deep sleep that is most beneficial to your health will come easier when you start running. According to a National Sleep Foundation study conducted in 2013, people who exercise regularly get better sleep than those who don’t. Even a tiny bit of exercise can make a difference, too. If you can’t squeeze in a long run, hop on your treadmill for just 10 minutes to get the sleep benefits.

  1. You Can Go Shoe Shopping

If you’re motivated by shopping and retail therapy, you’ll be happy to know that runners need to invest in good sneakers frequently. If you’ve never been a runner or if your running sneakers are shot, it’s time for a new pair (or two). While you’re at the sports store, you can also treat yourself to new workout clothes, if you feel so inclined.

There are a lot of reasons why you may have not started a running program yet. If you’ve never been a runner, though, it’s nearly impossible to know how much you’ll like it or if it will benefit your life. From a number of health improvements to getting better sleep, an enhanced social life or more mental space to help you calm down, running has numerous benefits for your mind, body and soul.

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