7 Benefits of Family Tent Camping

7 Benefits of Family Tent Camping

Camping as a family is an amazing experience. You get to spend quality time together as a family, have a great vacation, and see new things. There’s a fair chance that a family camping trip is less expensive and more rewarding than a regular vacation. One piece of gear that makes it all come together is the family camping tent. A large tent fit for the family works better than those small, individual tents. Let’s take a look at how it all comes together for family tent camping.

1. It’s More Spacious

Getting one tent for your family means there is more space for everyone. Taking along smaller 1-2 person tents means no one has enough headroom or comfortable space. With a larger family tent, there’s a good chance you could walk upright inside the tent. Plus, you can have more choices, like getting a tent with porch for the family.

When picking a tent for the family, a good strategy is to pick a tent size larger than the number of people going camping. For example, if four people are going camping, get a six-person tent.

There is no clear way of marking tent size. However, companies often use the number of sleeping bags that can be placed inside as a measure. It works, but that means there won’t be much by way of elbow room. Picking a larger size ensures more comfort for sleeping and some space for your gear and luggage.

2. More Opportunities For Family Bonding

Being together on a camping trip creates an opportunity to wind down and spend more quality time with the family. There’s room for everyone to pitch in and work together, and you could also have tasks for everyone to complete. A lot of people have very fond memories of spending time together at a campsite, sitting, talking, and eating by the fire. And just having a jolly good time together!

While living together in a family tent is a good experience, some privacy may be desirable. To that end, consider a tent with rooms. Many family camping tents have the option to divide the tent further into rooms for some semblance of privacy. Each of these rooms may also have access to their own door. Family camping can have a very homely feel, and that works beautifully.

3. It Can Be Economical

Camping together as a family can be economical and cost-saving. Sure, there is a cost component of getting a campsite and associated gear, but all of that can still be more economical than a random vacation. I’m not saying it is cheap, but it’s great value for money. Many family tents are very well priced and can last several years. The same goes for the other associated gear you buy. Overall, the costs can be kept well in the most modest of budgets. And even if you decide to splurge, the value for money remains good. Highly regarded family camping tents are often priced to offer great value.

4. Plenty Of Storage

Another great advantage of having a larger tent over those smaller 1-2 person tents is the room available for storage. There is the usual fare of pockets and wall-hanging storage for family tents. You can also get quite a bit of roof/overhead storage in these larger tents. Since they have plenty of headroom and center height, it becomes possible to make more space available for storage.

Since these are overall larger tents, you’ll also find a fair amount of space available on the floors as well. This is more pronounced in cabin-style tents, though dome tents can be very generous with available space as well.

5. It Can Be Simple Or Luxurious

Earlier, I mentioned that a large, family-sized tent can be very economical. Yet, you can have some luxuries available. Larger tents often have room for cables that can work with electric hookup tent sites. With electricity available, you can give yourself some creature comforts. These can range from a simple connection to charging your phones and gadgets, to air conditioning.

Also, not all tents have to be economical. You could always pick a more expensive (and heavier) canvas tent to add a bit more comfort to your camping vacation. Bring in a touch of glamping for the whole family to enjoy a luxurious vacation. Yurts are increasingly popular and offer several creature comforts. They’re popular at glamping locations and are even making their way to national and state parks.

The flexibility between being economical and luxurious is made possible by these larger tents for family camping.

6. Connect With Nature

A camping vacation with the family is by definition an excellent time to get in touch with nature. The breathtaking views and unencumbered sites, along with a general lack of disturbances like TV, gaming consoles, and the internet, means there is more time to appreciate the surroundings.

The result isn’t just quality family time, but also a deeper appreciation of nature and its bounty for the family. It goes beyond a break from the monotony of the daily grind – it is an entirely different setting to urban life, and yet with the same warmth of family. Interestingly enough, camping is often a great confidence booster as well, and children especially tend to do very well with the welcome break.

7. Better Ventilation

A seemingly simple benefit of a spacious family camping tent is the better ventilation. It sounds simple, but it makes a world of a difference. Not having to deal with the troubles of condensation or stuffiness is a welcome reprieve. Being larger, family tents have more room to work with airflow. You don’t just get larger doors and windows, but also vents at the floor and the roof of the tent to maintain airflow even with the rainfly wrapped around tight.

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