7 Essential Camping Tips for Families

camping tips for families

It is no doubt that camping is the most engaging activity that you can have with your beloved family.

There is nothing more relaxing than just lay back and enjoy the natural scenery while leaving the noisy atmosphere behind in the crowded city.


A camping trip will require a lot of efforts in preparing and planning, especially for big family or many families to organize together.

Do not worry!

In this guide below, you will learn the most crucial tips that will guarantee you with the most fantastic camping trip for families.

  1. Start small

One of the most vital tips for a family camping trip is to start small, especially if you have never done it before.

Do not plan your camping trip for more than 2 or 3 weekend days. That way you do not have to prepare and pack a lot of foods, camping gears and other necessary equipment.

Moreover, if things do not go as how you plan them, you can always return home a lot quicker, which will not ruin your camping experience for the next trip.

  1. camping tips for familiesDo not do it alone

This is the best tip for families that are looking to camp together. It is always good to have others tagging along for the camp trip.

The kids, as well as the parents, will have a lot of peers to spend some fun and quality time together.

It is also better to look into camping gears for the 10 person tent. That means two for three families can join together at night, which even easier to set up and organize.

  1. Carefully research your camping location

This is another essential step to prepare before you travel. Always gather as much information as you can about the site that you plan on camping.

You should make a checklist with all the necessary information such as:

  • Close to the medical center (in case a family member got sick during the camping trip)
  • Close to gas station
  • Close to grocery stores (in case you have not packed enough foods)
  • The weather during your camping time (you do not want to get stuck under your camping tent if it rains all day heavily)
  • Cell Phone signal (especially if you are trekking into a forest)
  1. Prepare the ingredients for your meal at home

You do not want to spend a lot of time to prepare your foods without all the conveniences of a modern kitchen.

That is why it is a good piece of advice to have every ingredient prepared nicely at home before your trip.

By the time it is for lunch or dinner, you will only spend a little time to make a meal for the entire family. This will maximize the time that your family can spend together in nature.

  1. Pack more than enough clothes for your family

camping tips for familiesDue to the nature of camping, it is very easy to get your clothes soaked in dirt and sand. And it is no debate that no one wants to spend the night sleeping with dirt and sand in their clothes.

That is why it is important to have the right packing and rolling strategy for your clothes. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that teach you how to roll your clothes into a bundle so you can pack more efficiently.

Remember that extra piece of clothes really is worth their weight in gold.

  1. Family medical kit

This is perhaps the most important item that you must have during the trip. Make sure that you prepare for as many scenarios as possible.

The times in the woods might leave your kids with a few bruises, but sometimes a nasty allergy might catch you out of surprise.

  1. Starting easy campfire

camping tips for familiesThe campfire is the heart and the soul of camp. It is where the family gathers for night stories and songs. You want to set up and manage the campfire as easy and safe as possible.

Remember to pack more than one sources of fire (for example long matches and lighter just in case one source does not work)

Bring some extra old newspaper or toilet rolls that you have. They are very easy to pack, and you have a meaningful purpose to deal with them.

Nonetheless, they are excellent materials for the campfire if the woods you find in your camping site are still wet after rain or any other reasons.

Also, there are other fire starter materials that you can get from your local supermarket. They are a sure way to guarantee your family a roaring fire that everyone can happily dance around.

Final Thought

Now you should have all the essential knowledge to go on a camping vacation with your family. The beautiful and peaceful nature awaits your family to explore. A trek around the lake or the forest is the best way to strengthen the family bond.

Author Bio: Luna Anderson is avid camper from Phoenix, Arizona. She loves outdoors and she wants to show people the endless possibilities of this world and open your mind to experience over possession. You can find practical tips about hiking, camping and survival skills in her blog here.

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