A Safe Place to Learn and Play

A Safe Place to Learn and Play

Your early years are one of the most important points in life. Even though you might not remember much of it, it is this period which is critical to your development and can help you fulfill your potential later in life. Therefore, as a parent, you should try your best to promote this period of learning, giving your new family member the best environment to explore and experiment in. This means promoting a happy, healthy and safe environment through the home, giving your child the confidence to learn and try out new things.

This can be done through any room in the home, however one of the best ways to promote learning and creativity is by having a dedicated space, be it a bedroom or a playroom if you have the space. You can fill this room with books, toys and plenty of stimulating creative activities for your smaller family members.

Promoting creative interaction and learning requires not more than just interactive features, the decor and visual appeal also has a significant impact on learning potential. A little known fact, which is often overlooked is that being in a pleasant environment encourages learning. This is why you will often find nurseries and play areas in schools filled with vibrant and uplifting colors, in an attempt to promote interaction and learning. So what is the best way to replicate such an environment in your own home?

The simplest and first way of promoting a creative environment is the wall. It’s amazing how a quick lick of paint or some new wallpaper can transform any room into a welcoming and comfortable environment. This is because using vibrant colors and themed designs creates a feeling of calm and familiarity promoting learning and experimental play. Another advantage to this is that these vibrant designs are an ideal way to take advantage of natural light sources for a distinctive and unique feeling.

Another element that goes into promoting a happy and healthy learning environment is the floor. Your floor needs to be both comfortable and yet durable. This is because it is likely that painting and arts and crafts is a huge part of early development; however, this is also a nightmare for parents who may be faced with the horror of orange handprints all over the floor and walls. So, your flooring must be easy to maintain in order to quickly deal white laminate flooringwith such moments of artistic destruction.  Plush carpets can be shampooed without many problems; however, this can be time consuming and hard to keep up if repeated messes are made. If this is a concern of yours then a good option to look at would be laminate flooring. With a wide range of colors available and a durable and easy to clean design, laminate is a to a perfect fit for a playroom.

Another advantage of laminate is the potential for customization. For example, white laminate flooring can be combined with features such as playmats and rugs, with these custom features encouraging the sense of familiarity and comfort; ideal factors to promote learning.

The final element that is key to an effective play area is accessibility.  Having toys, books and other comforts in easy to access and convenient places will promote a feeling of security and comfort encouraging learning. This contrasts with a confusing and disjointed environment, where agitation and annoyance will quickly take over little minds  leading to boredom, agitation and potential tantrums.

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