Keep Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

Keep Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

Summer is the season of excitement and relaxation, when you and your family can spend time together soaking in the sun and engaging in fun activities. However, those scorching days aren’t that fun and pleasant, so we tend to retreat to our homes and simply do nothing. However, by making your home more comfortable, you’ll enable your family to enjoy this summer to the fullest.

Capture the spirit of summer through décorCapture the spirit of summer through décor

Bright colors, open, airy spaces and cheerful design are all indicators of summer. By introducing summer-inspired decorations, you’ll fill your space with positivity. For instance, you can pick a bright, stylish color scheme of whites, blues, greens, oranges and reds to give your space a beautiful vibe. You can also introduce floral patterns through fabrics and use them for accent details, such as lamp shades, throw pillows and artwork. Botanical design can also help you bring in a positive, natural vibe that will brighten up your home.

Introduce light textiles

When you’re all hot and sweaty, the last thing you need is heavy materials rubbing against your skin. Instead, you should bring in soft, light fabrics, such as cotton, silk and linen. You can also replace your regular, thick blankets and throws with Turkish throws because they are much more comfortable. This is a simple change that will keep you and your family happy and comfy on those pleasant summer nights.

Keep your interior fresh and breezyKeep your interior fresh and breezy

When it’s scorching outside, you and your family will retreat to your homes and want to do nothing but lie around. However, if your home feels stuffy and hot, you’ll have nowhere to go. Moreover, your kids will become particularly irritable and you’ll be locked inside with them. Thus, you should do everything in your power to create a fresh, airy atmosphere in your home.

You should start by installing an air purifier that will eliminate toxins and fill your home with fresh air. You should also control humidity levels to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and avoid that unpleasant, musty smell. Introducing a dehumidifier and making sure that your air conditioning is functioning properly will help you achieve this. You should also make sure to maintain your AC regularly and clean it from dust and mold. These simple steps will help you increase your indoor air quality and provide your family with a comfortable, breezy ambiance.

Shade and cosy up your outdoor spaceShade and cozy up your outdoor space

When summer comes, you and your family should spend as much time outside as possible. This is particularly important for children who tend to retreat to their virtual worlds. However, you need to design a comfortable, shaded outdoor area that will protect you and your family from harmful sun exposure and enable you to enjoy summer beauty. A simple solution is installing durable windows awnings that will cover up your patio. In addition, awnings will enable you to spend time outside even on those rainy summer days, protecting you from unfavorable weather conditions.

When it comes to your outdoor decorations and furnishings, you should introduce indoor comforts to your outdoor sanctuary. Comfy chairs with soft pillows in combination with lovely lanterns or string lights will truly cozy up your outdoor space. You can even add an area rug to create an authentic, layered look.

Bring the outside in

Bringing the outside in is one of the most stylish trends on the design scene. Introducing natural accessories to your house will accentuate the positivity and brightness of summer. A single vase of fresh flowers will fill your home with a lovely aroma and a splash of colors. You can also bring in a lot of greenery that will keep your home fresh and airy. In addition, houseplants are beautiful decorations that will style up your home and capture the spirit of summer.

Improve your insulation

Insulation will protect your house from overheating while also keeping it comfortable by preventing cool air to leave your space. Roof and ceiling insulation is especially important for maintaining a pleasant temperature during both summer and winter. Not only will this keep you and your family comfortable, but it will also reduce your energy consumption and cut your electricity bill because you won’t need to use your AC as much.

By preparing your home for summer, you’ll create a more comfortable and positive environment for you and your family. The only thing left is for you to enjoy the upcoming hot and sunny days with your loved ones.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief of Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration from.

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