Steal The Feel: How To Stick To Your Theme

Steal The Feel: How To Stick To Your Theme

When decorating and designing a room, it is always a good idea to come up with a theme you’d like to follow before you start. Making it much easier to put all of the pieces together, this sort of approach is shared by DIYers and professionals alike. Of course, though, choosing the theme is easy compared to sticking to it, and a lot of people will struggle when it comes to this stage. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the easiest ways to stick to your theme, along with giving you some tools to support you along the way.

Choosing the right theme at the beginning is a very big part of this. If you choose something outlandish, like the styling of a stately home, you will quickly find it almost impossible to stick to your theme. Prices would soar, and the work which would have to be done would take a long time. Instead, going for a slightly dumbed down version of this can be less impactful on the other parts of your life. As a big part of this, a lot of people will use websites like Instagram to give themselves easy ideas which other people have already DIY’d.

With a solid theme in mind, it will be time to start designing the layout and decoration you’ll be using for the space. Tools like 123D can make this process easier, giving anyone the power to make complex 3D models of their rooms. This will enable you to plan space perfectly. Along with this, though, you will also need to think about color, and this will be mostly dictated by the theme you choose for the job. Companies like Dulux can mix paint in almost any color imaginable, giving you the chance to capture the exact shade you have in mind.

Along with picking decor, it will be worth thinking about your furniture at this stage. Depending on your theme, it could be hard to find items which match your ideas, and the right kind of designer will be needed if you want to achieve your goals. Options like Emma Mason are great for this, as they offer items which follow consistent themes, enabling you to create an entire look with their range. To make proper use of stores like this, you’re going to have to do some research. There are plenty of blogs out there with posts to help you through a job like this, and most people will already have some idea of what they want.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your next DIY theme. This sort of approach is a great way to ensure that your home feels consistent, without limiting yourself to the same old styles which you find in every home. You have loads of freedom when you’re taking on a job like this. Ensuring that you don’t waste it will almost always involve doing some work.

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