Branding from Fashion to Gaming

Branding from Fashion to Gaming

Athletic Junction has become one of the leading athleisure clothing brandsTheir online merchandising is built around keeping a positive healthy mindset. Many companies are distinguishing themselves and one way Athletic Junction is doing that is by getting involved in the app and gaming community by launching one of the best sports apps called Athletic Junction Events that focuses on branding and event management for school and athletic organizations of all types. In addition they developed a second app called Events Smarter which is an event website for any industry hosting events from concerts to corporate, political, athletic events.

Recently, video gaming has expanded so much they have gaming tournaments and professional events where large rewards in the form of money and status are presented.

League of Legends is a top virtual gaming league that provides competition and awards! It allows more than one gamer to compete at the same time and tournaments raking in viewers fueling this huge industry.

People are embracing the culture of gaming. They rank the best PSP games and gaming sites as very serious. Telecommunication applications where family, friends, and competitive strangers can play against each other while being able to converse via headphones and video creating a greater level of intrigue.

Twitch Build is a popular platform providing information on how to build a Twitch website. It is an online site that allows users to watch or broadcast live streamed or pre-recorded videos of gameplay. Twitch recently gained more notoriety as the newest social media platform for gaming and eSports. Gamers stream live. The next big thing coming is virtual reality where the industry is heading. There is a lot to be enthusiastic about in the gaming industry and we know there is no shortage of creativity in the worlds we live in.

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