Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Domestic Setups with the Attractive Nelson Platform Bench

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Domestic Setups with the Attractive Nelson Platform Bench

A considerable amount of thought, effort and artistry were put into the masterpiece that is the Nelson Bench. A part of the Herman Miller 1946 Collection, this timeless entity has penetrated the modern interior design industry with an impactful force. Available in three lengths and your own personal choice of finish, installing this doesn’t pose to be such a challenge. In case you are overwhelmed with what to do, we’ve outlined 5 beautiful ideas to introduce into your life:

  1. A tasteful fusion of contemporary and traditional moodsA tasteful fusion of contemporary and traditional moods:

Understated yet homely, the Nelson Bench is a stroke of refined grace. Here it is being used more to create a warm and domestic vibe. With its natural tones, ebonized wooden legs, spaced solid slats, and hardwood frames are perfectly complemented with natural earthy materials, white walls, and chrome lighting, granting a tranquil feel.

Yet despite its sophisticated appearance, this table and setup would withstand the wear and tear of children running around. You can combine it brilliantly with additional elements to add interest in what would otherwise be a pretty monochrome space. Fuzzy, patterned carpets and a splash of color here and there have a luxuriously softening effect on the harder wood material of the center table.

  1. A polished outlookA polished outlook:

Large and spacious rooms with trim, contemporary décor pieces as illustrated above and a grandly open aura is the perfect dwelling for the Nelson Bench. In settings like this, it can be used as an accent piece by placing it alongside hushed furniture in a uniform color setting. The best part is that you can experiment and mix up the pairings by opting for darker ebony colors or even black, as this table is manufactured in multiple options. Such a layout allows you the freedom to enjoy some shapely diversity, a torrent of natural lighting, all the while retaining a distinctly modern and inviting aura.

  1. A vanilla color palette:

A vanilla color paletteThe Nelson Bench captured in the image above at the foot of the large, cozy bed, wholly represents mid-century organic modernism tied in with a classic bedroom arrangement. The trim design and minimal accenting are best complemented with unembellished articles from the same era. The transparency and illumination cast by the large glass windows and doors, perfectly align with the natural hues of the furniture, thereby creating a truly soothing and sensual aura. As you can see, the secret to a successfully intimate living space is the appropriate combination of comfort provided by additional cushioning on the wooden platform, the texture provided by the different pieces and dynamism of the structural base. The advantage of this versatile device means you can shift it around the house from your bedroom to the lounge, a dining room, and even outdoor areas.

  1. Quirky and inviting:

Quirky and invitingMany homeowners are stumped when it comes to long lateral spaces as they become a daunting challenge to design tastefully. However, the Nelson Bench defies the odds and allows you to overcome this hurdle as it is a maximalist’s dream come true. By placing the pew cushioned between a fireplace with overlooking statement art and a large, expansive couch you can fashion an edgy juxtaposition making it the center of attention. Whilst the palette of grey, teak flooring and a burst of color from accessories are striking, the table itself established a balanced, urban and metropolitan feel. This 21st-century setting celebrates and complements the woodsy elements of the table.

  1. Create a visually appealing nook:

Create a visually appealing nookImbued with a beautiful synergy of aesthetical appeal and functional traits, the Nelson Bench is an amazing acquisition for anyone looking to craft a useful little corner. The white backdrop enhances the height and frame of the counter whilst the hushed undertones and light wooden flooring creates a very stylish contrast. You can insert even more attention by putting up lamps and playing around with the illusion of different heights by standing images atop the surface. This is a cute corner to deposit your keys, glasses, shoes, etc. to be grabbed easily later on.

You can set the Nelson Bench in a million different ways, in a million different rooms and still benefit from the countless advantages of this product. It will above all cater to your practical and visually appealing desires. The examples above provide you with recommendations to inspire the interior designer within you.

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