How You Can Help New Employees Work Well as a Team

Have You Recently Hired on a Number of New Employees?

It’s normal for businesses to have a turnover of employees on a fairly regular basis, but from time to time, your turnover rate may be a little higher than usual, or perhaps you are expanding and need to hire a large number of employees at once. Training the new employees will be essential of course, as they need to be aware of their responsibilities and all the company policies. What can go unnoticed though is the importance of making those new employees feel like part of the team, and thereby work well together.

A team that is cohesive and has excellent communication skills is one that will be much more productive overall. As a boss, it’s up to you to ensure that this is a reality. So how can you go about achieving this synergy? Here are some tips you can put into play.

8 Top Tips To Keep Your Employees MotivatedEnsure There Is a Warm Welcome

When you do hire on new employees, it’s important that their first impression is a positive one. What this means is that you want to give them a warm welcome by introducing them to other staff, and giving them a full tour of the facilities. Be sure to also have their work space set up so they can settle right in and not feel as though they are a burden, or don’t have a permanent place.

You may even want to hold a staff or department meeting that allows for a more personal meet and greet. This can be helpful in big companies where it can seem really overwhelming for the new employees.

Let Them Know How and Where to Find Support

Rather than just letting your new employees fend for themselves, you also want to be sure you let them know how they can get help/support and who to ask for it. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to discuss your company’s culture and policies – again, just to help them fit in and feel part of the team.

Engage in Team Building Exercises Outside the Office

While there are always plenty of team building exercises that you can do in the office, when you take it off work-grounds, your employees can tend to feel a bit more relaxed. This can help with the team building and making sure it has the maximum effect.

Team Tactics is a company that specializes in putting together team building exercises in London, England, as well as other UK cities. The goal is to give staff a chance to interact, boost company spirit and morale, get to know one another better, and be creative.

The London Team Building Treasure Hunts are a great example of such an activity. The hunts last for two to four hours and are meant for 10 or more people. Each team will be given an iPad that is equipped with an interactive map and scoreboard, keeping things competitive and fun.

Give Employees a Communal Break Space

Finally, you want to give employees a chance to interact in the office place, which can be done by setting up a communal break space. This can be used for break time and lunch time. Make the space as comfortable and functional as possible so that employees actually want to use the space.

Team Spirit Won’t Take Long to Build

By following each of these tips, and making sure all other employees are also on-board, you can ensure that building team spirit and a sense of togetherness won’t take long at all. That cohesive and productive team can be yours.

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