Extra Income: 5 Tips For Running An eCommerce Business As A Side Hustle

5 Tips For Running An eCommerce Business As A Side Hustle

The eCommerce industry is growing at a mind-blowing rate, and if you’re looking to cash in and sell online as a side hustle, you’re doing something super smart. It’s a great time to tap into the growing amount of consumers buying all manner of products and services online.

Of course, there’s a lot to think about to make sure it works. eCommerce order processing and fulfilment, target markets, website design – there are so many areas you need to tweak if you want to enjoy a smooth experience. 

To help you edge closer to living the dream, here are five tips for running an eCommerce business as a side hustle: 

Use a Central Calendar

For all business and personal life bookings and plans, use a central calendar. Each type of entry can be color-coded so that you can see how much time is dedicated to different parts of your life. This will also keep you organized, which is essential when you have a side hustle. Utilize time blocking, color coding, milestone alerts, and more – the result will be you feeling in control of your eCommerce hustle and your life overall. 

Tap Into The Market

It is true that over 90% of internet users in America have purchased online at least once. However, that doesn’t mean they have all had the chance to buy from you. When you work in e-commerce you have to assume you are invisible. People will not automatically know about your business. 

So, you need to be marketing on social media, on your website, by blogging and signing customers up for newsletters. As it is a side hustle, it is probably also worth hiring freelancers to do some design and marketing for you so that you don’t have to put the time in to get the results. 

Get Customer Service Down

Approximately 84% of companies that make an effort to improve their customer service report a revenue increase. For an eCommerce side hustle, customer service isn’t just essential – it’s central to your survival. You’re going to be offering a complete service but working part-time hours on it. That means filling in the gaps with customer service. 

Answering services, virtual reception services, virtual PAs, chatbots, and other handy online services can ensure no customer is ever left without help. 

Work Smart

You have to be careful to avoid burnout when spending your free time building a business. Make sure that your eCommerce operations take minimal energy and that you are delegating work in a way that is both affordable and sensible. 

It’s also important to squeeze downtime in between your day job and your eCommerce project. Otherwise, you’ll be working at all times apart from when you sleep, which is definitely not smart.

Don’t Pay For Warehouse Space Or An Office

One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce companies make (side hustle or not) is paying hefty contracts for a physical office or warehouse space. You can, in fact, save a ton of money by utilizing a virtual office service or by using cheap self-storage. 

These services are set up for people just like you who want to maintain a professional image and have somewhere to store stock without having to manage the large expenses involved in a traditional office or warehouse space. 

The tips above can help you run your eCommerce side hustle like a pro. Soon enough, you’ll have plenty of money coming in without having to sacrifice a ton of time, energy, or money to make it happen.

Featured image courtesy of Kyle Glenn / Unsplash.

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