Fitness Minded – 5 Secrets to Staying in Shape with a Desk Job

Fitness Minded - 5 Secrets to Staying in Shape with a Desk Job

Long before desk jobs became the norm, even those who indulged in rich food found it easier to stay healthy. The daily grind tended to have far more physical labor involved in it than it does now. Therefore, a new, modern-day problem exists: staying in shape with a desk job. When your career revolves around you sitting still for eight hours a day, how do you possibly keep the pounds off? Find out how below.

Get Tailored Help

Trying to shed the pounds and stay in shape with a busy lifestyle is not always easy, which is why personal training is becoming more prevalent and sought-after. People need and want help to keep on the right path. If you would love to stay in shape, but you know your willpower is lacking, then it might be time to seek expert help.

There are several different trainers – all with different methods. Some offer boot camp-style sessions that push you to your limit, while others guide you with nutrition plans, exercise options, and a helping hand whenever you need it.

Make it Social

If your friends want to get in shape and lose weight too, then as a unit, you could be more successful. Instead of trying to pound the pavement on your own, why not create a social fitness group at work? You can compete to see who can do the most steps in a day, or head out at lunchtime for a quick power walk. The more social you make physical activity, the more likely you are to enjoy it and see results.

Break Up the Day

You should be taking a rest from your computer and desk every 30 to 60 minutes. If you don’t, then it might be time to start. Break up your day in the most effective way possible – by moving your body. Do some star jumps, stretches, jog up the stairs, or raise your heart rate in some way. Glenda in accounts might look at you funny, but if it’s all in the name of staying in shape, then it is worth it! Breaking up the day is beneficial for your mind as well as your body. You can then return to your desk feeling fresher and ready to carry on working.

Eat Properly

Sometimes, the lure of the staff room vending machine can be too strong to resist. You may find yourself snacking on candy bars and soda when you should be drinking water and eating apple slices. Proper eating plays a significant role in staying in shape. You can combat poor eating choices by taking a full lunch with you – including snacks such as vegetable sticks with cream cheese, kale chips, and carrots with hummus. The more healthy food you have in front of you, the less likely you are to indulge in sweet treats.

Schedule it

One of the most common justifications for not exercising is a lack of time. While it’s true that a 40-hour working week can eat into your free time, it’s still not an excuse. Schedule in exercise so nothing else can take up that time. Dedicate half an hour to a walk before you go home after work, or even after the kids go to bed. The time is there if you make it.

Staying in shape with a desk job is a challenge, there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s not impossible. Start by eating right, scheduling in exercise, getting your colleagues involved and enlisting the services of a personal trainer. Push yourself to see the results you desire.

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