How to Enhance Daily Life For a Person with a Disability

How to Enhance Daily Life For a Person with a Disability

Nowadays, many of us are not aware of how many people with disabilities we are surrounded with. Maybe it’s because they are actually leading a quite normal and beautiful life, and the “regular” people accidentally fail to notice them. That is not far from the truth, because, in today’s modern technological world, lives for the disabled people have made extremely enhanced and lucrative. No matter if their disability was caused due to an accident, illness, injury or aging, we too can help maximize their way of life even more and help them succumb to numerous life obstacles.

  • Nourish your hobbies

cyclists with disabilitiesGetting engaged in any hobby in your daily life is extremely crucial. You get entangled in doing some crafts, have fun and explore your possibilities and enrich your, at other times repetitive, daily life. What is more, fostering your hobbies is essential for improving the quality of life with a disability. If you used to hike or cycle every day, now since that is not possible, you mustn’t get down but select a new hobby. Enroll a specialized cookery class, or learn a new foreign language. Plus, playing chess is a great intellectual game, as well as cards, and there is even a specifically designed snooker table for people with disabilities. You need to be aware that there are many new hobbies waiting to be explored.

  • Connect with nature

Something that should be implemented into every person’s daily life is getting outside on the fresh air as often as possible. Especially for the able-bodied, being out in nature is vital for recharging the goodwill, improving the mental state of mind and staying positive. Even if you have troubles walking and you are using some aid such as a wheelchair or have some prosthetic, that should not stop you from going outside at least once a week in a neighborhood park. You can invite a friend if you don’t want to be alone, or have a nifty gadget always by your side such as medical alarm from National Health Australia. This alarm will ease up your day in nature because it provides security and protection for the disabled by offering GPS emergency locator and it doesn’t require Wi-Fi.

  • Have adequate support

How to Enhance Daily Life For a Person with a DisabilityMany renowned engineers have come up with life-improving products that will make the living space for the people with disabilities easier to navigate, more effective and comfortable. Due to booming technological developments, there are more and more gadgets and aids that are being made and applied for the able-bodied. Besides Braille smartphone with a voice-activated agent that is enhancing the daily communication for the blind people, there are also various kitchen gadgets that are useful for the heavily arthritic people and for those who are missing fingers. Think appliances and other items functioning with the use of one hand, and so on. If you strive to do some chores, you can hire a maid to help you do the traditional spring cleaning. And don’t rule out friends and family. Whenever you need some assistance around the house, they would all surely step in to help.

  • Do some mindful exercise

pretty women doing yogaWhen you set your mind to do some activities, you will feel more worthy, your day will be richer and fulfilled, and you would undoubtedly get more energized. That is why you should try to do some form of exercise at least twice a week. Maybe you are not able to run, or some other disability is stopping you to perform certain actions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do any exercise at all. Meditation has proven to be extremely beneficial. You need to calm yourself down, play some smooth music, close your eyes and unwind. You can follow up meditation with mindful yoga. Bending head, arms or legs, slowly by doing stretching workouts is far better than doing nothing. No matter how serious your disability is, there will always be some exercise that you can do. Gardening, water aerobics, slow pace walking, are all forms of exercise that you can maintain your body in shape.

  • Pay attention to your nutrition

One tip that overshadows all other is the one where you need to pay attention to your food intake and get quality nutrition. Your daily life has to be enriched with all the quality and healthy things that mother nature has offered us, and the food is the essence of all life forms. When you pay attention to what you eat, and kick out too salty, sweet, and fatty foods from your daily diet, you would surely feel more cheerful, upbeat and empowered. Too many bad foods don’t react well even on a healthy body per se. We are what we eat, so taking special care of your nutrition is a must.

There is no obstacle or limitation that a person with a disability can’t do. It might only take much more effort, patient and diligence, but with a positive attitude, all is achievable.

Please see this infographic, below, “Tips for Getting a Service Dog,” created by Autism Home Support Services.

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