How to Organize Your Family When Traveling

How to Organize Your Family When Traveling

Packing can be a huge challenge, especially if you are traveling with children. You will want to make certain to bring everything that you could possibly need, but you also do not want to have to carry too many heavy suitcases.

organized travelerHere are some ideas to help you bring what you need for each family member without over-packing.

Use packing cubes for each child

Packing cubes, small lightweight bags with zippers, allow you to keep your suitcases and bags organized because you can separate different items into different cubes. High quality cubes will also help you compress your items so that you can fit more into each suitcase. For example, you may be able to stuff several extra pairs of socks or an extra shirt into a cube because the items will be compressed by the bag and zipper.

Instead of having each family member bring their own suitcase, you can reserve packing cubes within each suitcase for each family member. You can use labels to mark the person’s name on the cube so that you and your traveling companions know who each cube belongs to. Then, you won’t have to open and unpack cubes to see what is inside.

Pack suitcases by category

If you have a family, you can designate each suitcase or duffel bag for specific items. You will have a “jeans” suitcase and a “t-shirt and underwear” duffel, for example. Again, you can use labels to mark the outside of each packing cube with the name of the person that the cube belongs to.

Why is this a good idea? It is a good way to make certain that everyone has packed the correct items. If you label the cubes with the person’s name, then you will be able to see whose cube is missing from the “socks and underwear” suitcase. You can then easily make certain that everyone has packed everything that they need for the trip.

Labels matter

Labels matter when packing because you can use them to keep your bags and suitcases organized and to make certain that everyone has packed everything that they need for your trip.

Use Ziploc bags

Instead of packing cubes, you could use plastic bags, such as Ziploc bags, to pack similar items. The plastic bags will probably not be able to compress items as much as packing cubes. Plastic vacuum bags are available, but the disadvantage of these is that the vacuum seal will be broken when you first open the bag. All the items will not be compressed unless you have access to another vacuum or the bags are self-compressing.

Perhaps you could rely on Ziplocs in combination with packing cubes, using the plastic bags for items that could potentially spill or get wet during travel.

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