Ignoring Bad Dating Advice, and Getting Yourself Back Out There

Ignoring Bad Dating Advice, and Getting Yourself Back Out There

When it comes to finding love, people will often tell you to stop looking. ‘Love will find you when you least expect it!’ they cry- but as lovely and romantic as this might sound, in many cases it’s simply not true. Most of us have busy lives; we work, we run a household, some of us are caring for our children or elderly loved ones too. Our regular lives simply don’t provide us with too many opportunities to meet new people, let alone singles like us who we might be interested in. Bumping into the love of your life in a supermarket or a bookshop might sound ideal but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. If you want to find love, don’t ‘stop looking’, what you actually need to do is put yourself out there. This can be scary, especially if you’ve not been on the dating scene for a long time, but it’s worth it. Not every date will be a good one, and it can seem pointless and frustrating at times, however you’ll learn about yourself in the process- and you’re sure to find the perfect person for you eventually. Here are some of the things you can do if you’re looking for love.

Sign up to online dating

If you’ve not dated for many years, chances are you’re completely new to online dating. It can seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a fantastic way to meet a potential partner. You get the chance to get out profiles and chat to people before you meet, and can rule out anyone that you don’t think will be a good match. You can use filters to find for example non-smokers, people without children, people that live a certain distance away from you and much more. That way, you know they tick a certain number of boxes right away. Then when you start chatting online you get an idea as to whether your personalities are a match before you meet. While you may still have bad dates, chatting through online dating first can definitely help to narrow your search to those you’re most likely to get along with. As well as generic dating apps and sites for everyone, there’s forty plus dating, Muslim dating, dating for those in professional jobs and much more. Put up a picture that’s flattering but realistic, avoid using old photographs or anything that makes you look a lot different to what you do in real life. Keep your bio short and sweet, give some details about yourself but save some things to talk about in chat too.

Say yes to more social events

As mentioned, most of our lives involve going to the same workplace, and being in contact with the same people day in day out- without many opportunities to meet anyone new. So if you get the opportunity to attend social events, go for it! Websites like ‘Meetup’ allows you to join groups you’re interested in and attend social gatherings where you can meet new people. Otherwise, if a friend or family member is having a party, an event or any kind of get together then go along. Even if you don’t meet the person of your dreams, it can be great for your confidence and mental health to get yourself out there and socializing.

Ask friends and family to set you up

Finally, being open and honest with friends and family about your situation and letting them know you’re willing to meet new potential partners could be incredibly beneficial. Who knows, they might know the perfect person to set you up with!

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