Post Break-Up Pain: Finding Your Inner Independence

Post Break-Up Pain: Finding Your Inner Independence

The crippling pain that ripples through your weak and lifeless body is completely real. The feeling of going through a break-up is a raw experience, that shouldn’t be inflicted on anybody. We are all allowed to have our weak moments and feel sad about the break-ups in our lives, but we need to learn to quit punishing ourselves. Dwelling on problems that occurred in your relationship can make you feel inferior and will ultimately lead you to having a lack of self-confidence. After a break-up it is so important to find your feet and get your self-confidence back on track. Your ex fell in love with you for a reason, so let’s focus on the positives here. Stop yearning after things that could have been and take back your life!

Get Closure, Then Close The Door

If your break-up came out of the blue you are completely entitled to an explanation. You will struggle to move on if you haven’t received a reason for your relationship coming to an end. Maybe he cheated on you and the end was inevitable, but if they haven’t communicated with you, you need to get answers. Use a mature approach to ask them why they broke up with you and if they choose not to respond then their reason was that they are too immature for a relationship. Whatever the reason is, you can rise above it and sleep easy at night knowing you have done nothing wrong.

No More Mourning Over Memories, Eradicate and Erase

Use your break-up as an opportunity to completely clear out your home and cleanse your body. Eat healthy and energizing foods to detox your body of any physical impurities. Similarly, if you have anything on your body, like a tattoo that reminds you of your ex then, find a laser tattoo removal nearby. Get rid of that constant reminder that is bringing you down every day. Take down the picture frames from your bedside table and completely eradicate them from your life. Your independence will come flooding back as soon as you stop relying on your ex for happiness.

Be a Busy Bee

Once you have got over the crying in your bed eating chips and dip stage, then head to a beauty salon and treat yourself to a pampering afternoon. Call up your best friend and hang out with them for the weekend. Go on a shopping spree and let your hair down. Take up a new hobby that you’ve always been meaning to start. The busier you are the more free you will become. Don’t let anybody bring sadness into your life, you are in charge of your own happiness.

So find your feet and reclaim your freedom. You deserve to be treated like a queen, so if someone has hurt your feelings they don’t deserve an ounce of your time or attention. Get the closure you need to move on from a toxic and spiralling relationship. Run free in a world that can offer you anything you want to have. Relish in your new liberated attitude and get your sass back!

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