Ten Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Makeup has been around for centuries, helping people decorate their body in most creative ways. As makeup products developed, their ingredients became less environmentally friendly but also highly irritating for the skin, which led to a sudden invention of mineral makeup. With fewer ingredients than traditional commercially produced makeup, all derived from naturally occurring materials, mineral makeup is the next best thing for your skin, and here’s why.

Perfect for All Skin TypesPerfect for all skin types

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or normal, mineral makeup will set perfectly on your face. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, it works with your skin and natural oils creating a perfectly even coverage as a result. Because it doesn’t contain the emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients, mineral makeup will feel amazing no matter the skin type you have.

Helps with acne and spots

Helps with Acne and SpotsOne of the best benefits of mineral makeup is that it’s perfectly suitable for skin prone to acne and breakouts. Unlike other types of makeup that will clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing, mineral makeup will set on your face without entering your pores and causing irritation to the skin.


Thanks to its cruelty-free ingredients, just a light dusting of mineral powder gives you a soft even coverage. This is why you should invest in high-quality mineral makeup and not worry about adding several wasteful layers of makeup to your face, but achieve a flawless look with half the amount of conventional makeup you used to apply.

Soothes your skin

Soothes Your SkinIf you decide to start using mineral makeup, your skin will finally be able to breathe even under a foundation. Thanks to the fine minerals that are expertly designed, you’ll get a light sheer coverage that will leave your skin radiant without clogging your pores. Also, even if you have some skin problems such as rosacea or dermatitis or you may have injured your skin, you’ll be able to use mineral makeup without experiencing any side-effects.

Contains safe Ingredients

Mineral makeup contains naturally occurring antimicrobial agents and it is free of nanoparticles, which makes it perfect for your skin. Since it doesn’t contain perfume, talc, alcohol, mineral oil, preservatives, emulsifiers, and artificial dyes, mineral makeup is one of the safest types of makeup your skin needs.


If you’re worried about the expiration date of mineral makeup, don’t be. Not only will it last up to 24 months after you open it, but it will last long on your face after you apply it as well. The pigmentation will blend perfectly with your skin, and you can wear it all day long, without worrying about retouching it every hour. Coverage is buildable from sheer to opaque, which makes it perfect for any occasion.


Mineral makeup is much better for your skin than conventional cosmetics, because it binds to oils instead of water, which gives the makeup a natural water resistance. Various chemicals, oils and additives that conventional makeup contains tend to be hazardous for problematic skin, unlike mineral makeup that adheres to the natural oils in a person’s skin and doesn’t seep into the pores.

Healthy MakeupEnvironmentally friendly

A large concentration of carbon is usually found in traditional makeup, which doesn’t make it nature’s best friend. Mineral makeup, on the other hand, is eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain any of the ingredients harmful for the environment.

Has an excellent shelf life

Mineral makeup has an excellent shelf life thanks to its purity. It’s made of natural ingredients and none of those help the bacteria grow inside the product, so it’s worth every penny. Forget about throwing away your eyeshadows just because you didn’t have time to use them to the fullest, but enjoy your mineral makeup for months longer.

Acts as a sunscreen

Another good side of mineral makeup is that it can help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are the two essential minerals that help protect your skin. Mineral makeup creates a barrier between the skin, elements, and free radicals, and that’s how it protects your skin from the sun.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a makeup lover, or you use it only on special occasions, you need to invest in mineral makeup, because it’s the best thing for your skin. Not only is it perfect for every skin type, but it’s also eco-friendly, soothing, long-lasting and has a plethora of benefits unlike conventional makeup.

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