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Editor’s Note: Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest, the image-sharing website based in Palo Alto, CA, has experienced explosive growth and is poised to join the social media ranks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, Internet Marketing Inc. explains the service like this: “Imagine if Flickr and Twitter had a child together that combined the image sharing of Flickr with the social functionality of Twitter.Users upload and share pictures with a network of over 10 million people and follow the activity of their friends and other users.

Companies are deploying Pinterest marketing campaigns to drive significant traffic and awareness of their brands.

Here’s more coverage from TechCrunch:

Oh, Pinterest…

Over the course of the past few months, what was once a colorful haven for Midwestern mothers and Mormons is now an even more colorful haven for even more pin-tastic peeps. The growth has been staggering, even in what many would call an overly social era. But surrounded by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., Pinterest has really made a name for itself.

And while many are scurrying to set up their pinboards for FOMO‘s sake, we in the tech world are curious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. What’s the growth rate? What does the demographic data look like? Referral traffic? Marketing? How does Pinterest really stack up against the big guys?

The questions never end, mainly because Pinterest kind of came out of left field and threw the entire model on its head. It’s not for women, but it is mainly women. It’s not overbearing in terms of rules or policies (at least not more so than its competitors), but still seems to be a very “white-bread,” nice place to be compared to the deep black hole of nasty awfulness that is the Internet. The epicenter of its popularity is in the Midwest — that’s not to say that Midwesterners aren’t tech savvy, but they’re usually not the early adopters of anything…

Continue reading at TechCrunch and see the infographic from Internet Marketing Inc., below.

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The Power of Pinterest

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