Tips to Help You and Your Child Pack Up Their Toys for Your Move

Tips to Help You and Your Child Pack Up Their Toys for Your Move

Ugh! The dreaded toys. Your child likely has a lot of them from ones they cherished since they were an infant down to the ones you purchased that they never eve played with. Now that moving day is upon you, it is time for you to pack them up.

Unfortunately, toys come in all sizes and shapes, which means they can be near impossible to pack and they often take up so much space that you want to rip your hair out. Fortunately, we have some tips that can help you pack those toys up for your move without the headache and hassle.

How to Pack Up Toys for Your Move

  1. Do not spend time wrapping larger toys and simply place them in a box. If the toy is large enough to stand on its own, don’t even worry about the box and simply take it as is, especially if it will be going straight into your child’s room and not into a storage unit.
  2. Take all small toys and bundle them together. For example, if your child has a ton of Matchbox cars, gather them up and place them into a gallon size bag. You can do this with all types of small toys from Legos to Barbie accessories and more. Once you have placed larger toys into the box, fill the additional space with these bags of smaller toys.
  3. Keep all fragile toys in a separate box and make sure to wrap them as needed. You do not want to place your fragile toys that could break in with tougher toys as you are almost guaranteed to open a box of disappointment when you get to the new home.
  4. If you have any gaps in your boxes, fill them with some crushed paper or newspaper. This will prevent the toys from moving around too much in the box and provide some padding to the box as well.

If any of the toys are going to be put into storage, click here for resources that will help prepare those items for a storage facility.

Considerations for Packing Up Toys for a Move

6 Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Household MovePrior to packing up any toys for your move, take some time to go through them with your child. You should throw away any toys that are broken or no longer work. You also want to have your child make decisions about toys that he or she no longer plays with. Remember, you can always donate or sell these extra toys too!

Lastly, do let your child keep some of their favorite toys with them throughout the move as these comfort items can help ease anxiety and create a memorable experience.

Let Your Child Be Involved in the Move Too

Your child can help with more than just packing up their toys. In fact, involving your child in the move can make it memorable and ease some of the fear they may have about the move itself.

Moving with kids and packing up toys can be an adventure on its own and this can be a wonderful time to bond with each other as well.

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