Top Interior Designing Trends For You to Consider

Top Interior Designing Trends For You to Consider

Last thing you want your space to look like is outdated. Hence it makes sense to keep yourself abreast about the latest trends in interior designing. Here are a few that you can consider if you are trying to design your space:

Go Black

Black has been successfully taking over the world of interior design. If you go shopping you are going to find a lot of black furniture, black walls, black prints, black finishes, and even black fixtures, wherever you look. You can create an elegant yet powerful statement in your home by using black. If you think it can make your space look small you can pair it with a light color and enhance the appearance of your space.

Include natural elements

Environmental-friendly is the name of the game in interior design today. You may want to include elements that can be obtained from nature to fill in your spaces. If this is not possible, you can include elements that at least mimic the look of nature. Use natural wood with materials such as pebbles, marble, and granite that highlight the natural look. You can even consider recycled or handcrafted furniture and fixtures. Textured plants and succulents can be used in your décor too.

Choose furniture with curvy and smooth edges

Rectangular and square furniture with straight lines seem to be out of the game of interior designing. The trend is to go for curvy and smooth-edged items such as curved coffee tables, soft and puffy chairs and other round shaped furniture that exude comfort and elegance. You should find many such items if you run a search on furniture Oklahoma or storage units Oklahoma city.

Consider statement ceilings and floors

You can incorporate a few bold colors or geometric patterns while designing your ceilings or floors. If you don’t want to go too eccentric your best alternative would be to go for a patterned ceiling and floor. This way you will still be making a statement without going overboard.

Choose earthy colors

Grey tones have been dominant in interior design over the previous years. It is still dominant today; but it’s generally used with some earthy tones and softer pastels that appear in nature. Go for the softer shades of greens and browns. Taupe is one of the popular choices of today. Purple would be a good accent color as long as it doesn’t dominate your space.

Add a twist with wallpapers

Blank walls are out of trend and wallpapers are making a comeback. In fact they are coming in bold and decorative designs than ever before. You won’t have to rely upon artwork and art pieces any more to decorate your walls. Instead choose a wallpaper with a landscape scenery, some colorful geometric patterns, or abstract shapes.

Make your kitchen dark to add a little depth

Your kitchen is the center of your home and you would definitely want it to be bold. Try painting your cabinets in bright blue or unexpected shades of green. Not only will this make it easier to keep your kitchen clean, it will also add a little depth to your space.

Personalize your space

Your home is a space that should reflect your character and personality. Whether it is about putting your name or your picture on your items, you can find a variety of online resources that will help you achieve the exact result that you want.

It is time to let go of the age old décor and adopt a few of these new trends. Happy living!

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