Useful Tips from a Psychologist’s Point of View to Make Your Relationship Last Longer

Useful Tips from a Psychologist's Point of View to Make Your Relationship Last Longer

loving relationshipA loving relationship lasts when both partners are ready to give what it takes to make it last forever. The relationships that last longer are mainly the result of partners embedding themselves into each other’s brains as well as hearts in a positive way. We all are aware that relationships are not always easy as it takes serious effort from both sides to make it a success. Plus, our relationships act as mirrors as they reflect everything, especially what we feel about ourselves. It usually depends on our mindset — you’ve probably observed that if you’ve had a bad day, the people around you seem difficult, even the person closest to you. When you’re not happy with yourself, your relationship seems to be lacking.

So, here are some “Golden Rules” you should keep in mind to make your relationship, healthy, strong and peaceful…

Communication Is The Key

Interactions are one of the simplest as well as the most effective ways to handle our lives and situations. When you communicate with your partner, you should express everything — whatever is on your mind. Talk to your partner and tell him or her about your day. It’s always best to be open with what bothers you and what you enjoy. You should be able to express vulnerability and trust in your partner. This is a two-way street – by being so open with your partner, you invite him to be just as honest with you. Even if you require therapy — individually or as a couple — to bring peace-of-mind,, you should never hesitate!

Always Show Affection

Never think twice before showing affection toward one another. Be it physical or emotional, always try to stay up and close with your partner and express what your partner means to you. Intimacy is really important to keep a loving relationship healthy.

married coupleStick to using the term “WE” instead of “you”, “me,” or “I”

A loving relationship is more about a bond that has brought two people together to make one entity. So every time if you address something, consider using the word WE instead of “you,” “me,” or “I.” Experts of couples counseling will tell you this increases the sense of belonging within both partners. Furthermore, this makes the relationship really strong as both feel responsible for each other as well as the relationship.

Respect each other

In a healthy, loving relationship, it is not only important to respect each other, but you also need to respect each other’s privacy and any other boundaries that you know are important to them. Also, while having arguments, you should always know where to draw the line, so that you don’t end up harming the self-respect of your partner.

Make your partner a priority

This is the most important “to do” for a healthy, happy and a peaceful relationship. As you are so involved in each other’s lives, you really need to think about your other half before making any major life decisions. You have to make the other person your first priority, as you aim to put your relationship the central part of your life!

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you to have the desired relationship. One last thing: you can always give your partner small surprises to make him/her feel special!

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