What’s Hurting America?

What's Hurting America?

Accidents happen to us all the time. They can’t be avoided and they come without warning. The most common injuries in the United States are easy to recover from, like cuts and bruises, mainly related to falls. As a whole, around 7 or 8 percent of all injuries are of this kind. However, when you look at the separate states, the most common injuries vary quite a lot. The most disproportionately high injury reports from each state can give us a good insight into how people are living their lives. So, what’s hurting America?

Motorcycle Accidents

In most places, motorcycle accidents are fairly rare. The percentage of people that ride a bike is quite small, and the number of those people that end up having accidents amounts to a very insignificant number. However, along the west coast, particularly in California and Arizona, motorcycle accidents account for a much larger percentage of injuries than anywhere else in the country. They are also relatively high in comparison to other injuries in those states. Tennessee and Arkansas also have fairly high levels of motorcycle accidents.


This is a fairly vague phrase so it may have skewed the results a bit. It could mean overexertion at work leading to injury, in which case, you should contact an injury lawyer like Bill Easterly for advice. On the other hand, it could mean overexertion for some personal reason, so the term covers quite a lot of bases. Anyhow, North Dakota and Nebraska seem to have an unusually high number of cases of injury caused by overexertion.

Insect And Animal Bites

The southern states should be avoided by anybody that doesn’t like insects. By far the biggest cause of hospital visits in Texas and Kansas is insect bites of various kinds. You also get the same problem on the east coast in North and South Carolina. If it’s dangerous animals that you want to avoid, then steer clear of Missouri. It is home to a few species of snake that have been known to cause serious trouble to any poor unfortunates that accidentally cross its path.

Falling Objects

It seems as though the people of Indiana have pretty poor spacial awareness, and don’t put too much time into their health and safety practices. As a result of this, they are the only state in the country that has falling objects at the top of its injury list. So, if you visit Indiana, keep your eyes open.


Nobody has a good explanation as to why this is the case, but suffocation seems to be rife in the Mountain States. Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico all list this as the most common cause of hospital admission. Nowhere else in the whole of the United States experiences this issue.

Spine Dislocation

The upper Midwest is another region that seems to experience a strangely specific phenomenon, just as the mountain states do. The massive amounts of spine dislocations that occur in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are as much a mystery as the Mountain State’s suffocation epidemic, although it is not as contained because Washington also puts it top of the list.

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