What’s the Mermaid Look That’s So Trendy

What's the Mermaid Look That's So Trendy

High beauty standards have always pushed the limits of cosmetic procedures as people are interested in achieving perfect look for themselves. One such procedure which is gaining popularity in the world of beauty is the mermaid look.

As the name itself suggests its intent, the mermaid look targets the lower body to look like that of a mermaid and fit into a mermaid styled dress. One way of achieving this look is by getting cosmetic procedure done to achieve a contoured and curved hip without exaggerating to give it a natural look. But on the other hand, people are being sold a wrong concept of this look which is by filling the sides of upper things by cosmetic procedure to create the illusion of a long torso and bulky thighs to pretend to be the hips narrowing down towards lean legs which completely distorts human anatomy and its naturally acceptable shape. Such misguiding procedures brainwash females to such an extent that they are ready to erase the difference between thighs and hips.

To enhance the side of the thighs just to create an illusion of curvaceous hips and long torso may look great in mermaid styled dresses but imagine the weird proportions of the way the body will look in a bikini. Two humps on either side of thighs, much lower than buttocks will definitely not seem attractive to many and this is not really the mermaid look. Another drawback of this misguided procedure is if only the sides of the thighs are enhanced then the female body will look curvaceous when viewed from the front but flat from the sideways as the buttocks and hips have not been enhanced. Let us not forget that round buttocks still wins the race of being the most sought after feature which makes women look attractive. After all, there are hit songs being made about the round and curvy hips and butts, not curvy thighs, it may sound bizarre to many. A cosmetic procedure should focus on how the body looks from all the 360-degree and any procedure which ignores this is just uncanny.

The true mermaid look is nothing but an hourglass figure with curvaceous hips which truly enhances the female body, and this can be achieved by bioplasty cosmetic procedure. Stay away from procedures which claim to give you a mermaid look whereas all they do is creating fictitious bulgy thighs ignoring the buttocks and hips completely.

The true mermaid look can easily be achieved by undergoing a simple bilateral hip expansion through a buttock augmentation procedure where the buttocks are widened to the sides extending the filling towards upper thighs. This procedure makes the hip, buttocks and thigh area look naturally curved and seamless without abrupt bulges.

Cosmetic procedures are expensive and the purpose of spending so much time and money is to look better than you looked before hence research well before you opt for a procedure. Achieving this mermaid look through bioplasty can help you get the perfect curves without exaggeration.

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