Review: Wix Answers

Introducing Wix Answers

Wix AnswersWix Answers is a free, cloud-based, do it yourself (DIY) customer support software solution for business owners and companies that works either separately from or in tandem with the popular Wix website building tool, which is an extremely popular website-creation platform for businesses. It provides essentially all of the tools an individual or business needs to create their online identity.

Wix has done it again with Wix Answers, offering  the same help desk software built and used by Wix to support over 120 million users. Now, the company has made this software available for everyone else to use. Setting it up is easy — you can be up and running in minutes, and don’t need any special “tech skills.”

With Wix Answers, businesses can add a fully customizable “help center” to their website, including a knowledge base, multi-channel ticketing system, built-in call center, and more. For free!

The product includes:

  • A fully branded “Help Center” for your customers
  • Ticketing system with multi-channel support
  • Built-in call center software

Main Benefits:

  • Simple, do it yourself platform – Easily create and manage everything yourself, no IT support needed.
  • Quick and easy set up – Set up your help desk, call center and more in just a few simple steps!
  • 100% customizable – Change anything to make it your own, and suit your business’ style!
  • Best-in-class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make it easier for everyone to find your website and help center online.
  • Actionable insights – clear data will help you better understand your customers and their needs.

Wix Answers: An all-in-one Customer Support Solution

Designed for small and midsize companies, Wix Answers is “help desk” software that makes it easier to support your customers. As previously mentioned, the cloud-based software comes complete with a knowledge base, built-in call center software, a multi-channel ticketing system, and more features and functionality, all of which work seamlessly together.

Wix Answers provides a range of help desk templates which can be customized to your company’s branding. Businesses can easily create and manage articles, user guides, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which enables their customers to have helpful, self-service, problem-solving content. The software also includes built-in call center software which allows companies to receive support calls through their own toll-free number.

There’s a selection of widgets, also customizable, that can be embedded into web pages, allowing customers to access individual articles or the entire help center from any page. (You’ll need to create all the content for the knowledge base.) Meanwhile, the multi-channel ticketing system enables the management, prioritization, and tracking of customer issues whether they come in via phone, email, or even social media. Support reps can send articles directly from the knowledge base to customers, and they can collect additional information from customers from customizable contact forms. And finally, the system also allows customers to request callbacks.

The tight integration between the help desk, ticketing system, and call center provides customer support with actionable insights on customer satisfaction, ticket response times, team performance, and more.

How to Get Started with Wix Answers

  1. Sign up – it’s free – at
  2.  Enter your company name.
  3.  Select your primary language.
  4.  Set your customized Wix Answers URL.
  5. Next, you can start to customize your help center, add articles to your knowledge base, configure your support channels, etc. You’ll want to use the support widget and place the necessary links.
  6. Welcome aboard!

In Conclusion

wix answers logoAs a company, your aim is to reach to your customer and provide them with awesome customer service. Wix Answers is a help desk software platform that lets you do just that and more! Anyone with a customer-facing business should consider Wix Answers. It empowers you to better serve your customers and in turn, allows your customers to better understand your services. Launching your own Wix Answers solution is very easy, and only takes a few minutes to get started.

Ultimately, customer service is all about consistently providing a great experience – Wix Answers will help you make that happen!

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