The Burden of Back Pain and How to Relieve It

The Burden of Back Pain and How to Relieve It

Back pain is common but complex. Most of us have experienced it at some point in our lives, but the causes can often be difficult to pinpoint. Injury, obesity and posture can all be causes, sometimes previous operations or medical malpractice can be the blame.

If this has happened to you then it’s important to speak to a medical malpractice lawyer, although in lots of cases the cause remains a mystery. Ongoing back pain can seriously cause your quality of life to suffer, a sturdy back is needed for every movement we make and so when yours is painful it can be difficult to deal with. If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, here are some ideas to consider which might help.

Change Your Mattress

As humans we spend a large portion of our days, and our lives in general tucked up in bed. Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t properly support you can cause pressure points in your hips and neck and cause your spine to bend in an unnatural way. Not only will you wake up more often in the night and feel tired and achy but it can cause damage long term. Replace your mattress, and choose a firmness level based on your body weight. Heavier people should go with firmer mattresses for more support, anything too soft will cause the same aches and pains.

Improve Your Posture

Bad posture can be a vicious cycle when it comes to back pain. A sore back can cause you to stand and sit incorrectly, which can then cause more pain. As most of us work sedentary jobs, whether it’s sat in an office or driving, a good seat is essential. Choose a chair and position that properly supports your head and neck, you could add a lumbar pillow too if needed. Stand straight, and avoid curling your spine or hunching over.

Try Out Some Different Therapies

Maybe you don’t want to take powerful drugs, or perhaps you want to try something to work alongside then. Alternative therapies can be very effective in some people. Things like acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy can all help with inflammation. Meditation is another example and has also been shown to be a effective way to cope with lots types of pain, back pain being one of them. Lots of spas and salons offer these kinds of treatments. Alternative therapies have had proven health benefits, so it’s not just like you’re taking a chance. They can be a genuinely fantastic, all natural way to improve your symptoms of back pain.

Stay Active

When it comes to many types of back pain, bed rest isn’t usually recommended. General advice from doctors is to stay active, doing light and gentle activities like swimming and walking. These will strengthen your back, preventing the chances of future issues occuring, And will prevent muscles seizing up. Avoid strenuous exercise, twisting or lifting, Usually, just getting up out of bed and getting on with your day to day tasks is enough.

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