How to Look Elegant Wearing Casual Clothing

How to Look Elegant Wearing Casual Clothing

There are many ways to wear a casual dress and still look punchy. If you want to discover how to be glamorous wearing a casual dress, then this is your landing spot. In the following article, we will explore how to look elegant wearing casual dress styles.

  1. Choose Luxury Brands

Woman shoppingThere are many luxury brands to choose from, from Oscar de la Renta to Versace. You are sure to feel much better about your look if you have a quality label. Also, there is a big difference between sporting a casual frock that you have washed in the washer hundreds of times to a luxury casual dress that you dry clean only. Feeling classy comes with the territory of a major label. Remember this when choosing how to spend your clothing budget. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in one quality piece than twenty others that you will really only end up regretting your purchase.

  1. Work With Your Body Type

There is nothing worse than squeezing into a dress that is too small. That takes the casual right out of the occasion. If your weight tends to be in flux, go with a piece that is not super form fitting, like the Blumarine Sleeveless Collared Trapeze Dress. Not only is this dress slimming black, but it also has a ruffle on the bottom that distracts from the upper half of your body.

Belted dresses are also popular from a range of designers such as Carolina Herrara and Blumarine. You can utilize your figure to maximize your woman wearing white dresscurves and minimize bulk in one of these numbers. A loose off the shoulder dress will also work.

  1. Find a Love of Print Patterns

Print patterns are all the rage for 2019. They have not gone out of style for a while now. If you want a dress that is classic, you should go for one of these. You can find some beautiful cuts, such as the Carolina Herrara V-Neck Floral Midi Dress. Just due to the cut, this dress with always looks ultra stylish, just like it was in the ’50s when it was trending. Prints are a great way to say that you love details and you aren’t afraid to stand out. Even the polka dot is making a comeback. If there’s anything that this season is teaching us, it’s that it’s okay to be bold in the choice of print.

  1. Use Ruffles to Make an Impression

Ruffles are very romantic. The Luisa Beccaria Ruffle Tiered Long Dress is a testament to this. Any time you have ruffles, especially in the form of a puffed sleeve, you have a fashion hit. The elegance of this dress makes you feel as though you should be at a ball. And yet, it is still classed as a casual typology of the dress.

Finding a way to look sophisticated in a casual dress is all about choosing the right dress in the first place. You will want to take note of the above tips so that you can look timeless in what is essentially still casual enough for day wear.

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