Make Your Voice Be Heard: Standing Up for Female Equality

Standing up for Female Equality

Standing Up for Female EqualityWhen it comes to standing up for women’s equal rights no individual can make anything happen on their own. A united force of strong independent females however, can make a huge difference. Allowing your voice to be heard amongst a crowded society, who already have closed mindsets is always going to be challenging. Whether you have experienced gender related issues in the workplace or you’re aware of the suffering that female youngsters encounter when trying to obtain a good education in developing countries, there are many reasons to stand up for gender equality. Sometimes we are all guilty of allowing society to dictate our beliefs, but we can’t carry on with these warped views in our future. Our children and grandchildren deserve to be brought up in a world where females are loved, respected and empowered by everyone around them, rather than being torn down at any given opportunity. If you’re wondering how your small voice could possibly make a difference in such as vast world, then consider some of the following ideas; you could be the cause of massive change in our society very soon.

Fight for Those Who are Silenced

gender gapYou might not realize this, but there are certain people around the world who aren’t given a fair chance from the moment they are born. When you look on the surface, Afghanistan’s education system is truly fraught, with the lowest literacy rates in the world. Women especially are at even more of a disadvantage with only around 17% of them being literate, compared to 45% of men. When it comes to fighting for gender equality, it is not always that simple, especially when certain countries have been used to this way of life for years and years. Achieving gender equality in education is being held back mostly by security issues, lack of school buildings, funding and resources. There are various programs that are aiming to give females in developing countries a head start via other methods such as home schooling. Hopefully this is the type of movement we need in order to get girls into school from a young age.

Challenge the Norms

If you are a female hoping to tap into a male dominated industry, then what is stopping you? As a strong female you have the power to challenge the norms and get your voice heard in a crowded room. If you want to become a plumber, engineer or a CEO of a corporate company, then you have all of the skills you need to do it. All you have to do is have complete confidence in your abilities, because that is the only thing that will hold you back. Don’t listen to the naysayers who aren’t supporting you in this terrific journey. Be proud to showcase your talents and get your career rolling right now!

Be Strong and Brave

The bravery that many women are showing right now is so commendable. Whether you are reporting a sexual harassment case to the authorities or you are going against the grain when it comes to your career, the strength you possess will always get you far in life. No matter what kind of hurdles you come up against in your life, there will always be a workable way to find your feet again. Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anybody stand in your way during your journey.

Build Other Women Up

In the quest to fight for gender equality there are many things we can do to improve it. First of all, every woman needs to learn how to build other females up. A lot of women are already fantastic at doing this sort of thing, but there are a select few who need a little persuading when it comes to female empowerment. If other people aren’t going to help build us up, then we need to do this for ourselves. Girl power will get us a long way!

Teach Kids About Equality

From the moment a child is brought into this world it is important that we all instil equality into their minds. From treating others will complete respect to understanding boundaries, all of these things are very important life skills that should be taught from a young age. If we can bring up a new generation to believe that everybody in this world is equal, then it will be very difficult to turn around and go back to the dark ages again.

Female EqualityStand Up For Yourself

It is often easier said than done when you’re told to stand up for yourself. You might have been put down a lot during your life and it hits a sensitive spot for you when you’re torn down. Be bold and brave when it comes to fighting for something you believe in, otherwise somebody will have the power to take it all away from you. Whether you’re standing up for yourself after a rude comment in a meeting room, or you’re taking a stand when someone bosses you around unnecessarily, there are many ways that you can make your voice heard and stand up for female equality.

Use Social Media in a Positive Way

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to promote gender equality in a positive way. Whether you’re creating a blog or starting up your own equality accounts, there are many ways for you to spread the word and get other people on board. Spreading this sort of message is hugely important so make sure you use it in a positive way, rather than exploiting the power of social media and the online world.

Speak with Men About Your Concerns

If you’re feeling particularly down about a certain subject matter then you might want to confide in a male that you trust. Bringing your problems to light will help them to get noticed and dealt with quickly and easily, without causing you anymore pain than necessary. Once you have had the strength to speak out about your worries then you will be able to focus on the more important things in your life.

Never Give Up

Striving towards gender equality is going to be a hard slog full of ups and downs, but you can never show weakness or give up. If somebody tries to put you down along the way, then it is your job to take a stand and never take no for an answer. Once you have made progress towards your goals then you will be able to step back and see how far you’ve come with your efforts.

Although it might seem like the world’s most difficult task, standing up for what you believe in is truly one of the most courageous things you can do in your life. Speaking on behalf of those who don’t have a voice or a platform will help to spread the message even further, so that women have an equal chance in their lives from now on. You owe it to every little girl that is going to be brought into this world in the next decade; they deserve to be treated with love and respect from the moment they become a citizen. Even if you don’t think you stand a chance against all of these people who are against your beliefs, you will get there if you are patient and persistent. Don’t allow other people to dictate the future of our world. Together we have the power to make a change, so let’s make it our common goal this year.

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