More Proof Advertising Companies Need Women


Editor’s Note: Christine Bronstein, Founder of A Band of Wives, a private social network for women, has an interesting piece on Huffington Post Women about “What Advertising Companies Can Learn From Rush Limbaugh.” She points out that despite the fact women control 80%+ of consumer spending, women make up only 3% of all creative directors in advertising agencies. So it’s no surprise to learn that 90% of women think that advertisers do not understand them. She connects this to the recent Rush Limbaugh spat by saying more brands and ad agencies could avoid looking as clueless and sexist as Limbaugh by having more women in their upper ranks.

Rush Limbaugh, the king of right-wing radio, is also the master of placing himself squarely in the middle of public debate. My guess is that he was starting to see himself slip out of the national dialogue, but like the Kardashians, he knows exactly how to get himself front and center again.

This time he called student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” for publicly protesting the fact that her school’s heath insurance policy does not cover her contraception, and his name is now again on the tongue of every news outlet in the nation.

What isn’t being scrutinized in this endless coverage, however, is how much money the companies which posture against sexism by pulling their ads from a sexist show — or which proudly proclaim that they never would have advertised on such a show in the first place —  are wasting creating their own sexist ads, because advertising firms lack women in their upper ranks, especially as creative directors.

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