The Hip Girl’s Guide to House Moving

The Hip Girl's Guide To House Moving

It’s not easy being an independent woman – there’s self-care, tasks at work, socialization with friends, and even bills to pay. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to chase your dreams, though. And if you’ve always wanted to buy that dream house, then you should definitely work for it! Of course, this is easier said than done. And even if you already have your dream house, it’s not like the moving process can get any easier. However, you shouldn’t lose hope! It’s totally possible to pull off a successful house move, and you can do so in these steps:

What To look For In An Amazing NeighborhoodGet to know the neighborhood

Before preparing for your move, try to get to know your new home’s overall locale. Is the neighborhood safe for travel? Is your mover allowed to operate there? Try to find locations you can stay in such as hotels, motels, malls, and cafes especially if you’re waiting for your movers to arrive with your stuff during move day. Knowing the neighborhood early on also lets you avoid panic and anxiety that can spook you in the moving process. 

Maintain an inventory of things you own

If possible, try to maintain a digital and/or physical copy of a list of things you currently own. Try to include the materials they’re made of, how many of that item you own, and how fragile they are. Try to add additional things like categories per room, or even their current status. This lets you keep of things you’re packing and unpacking, and can help movers check and double check the things you want them to move. 

Get packing materials as early as you decide on the move

If you already have a list of things you own, it greatly helps to start buying packing materials right away. This saves you a lot of time that you can use to pack and do other important stuff at home or at work. Remember to try to buy perhaps twice as much tape and sealing materials, and take note of how to package fragile things you own. 

Who Should I Hire When Moving Home?Sort out things you own before packing them

After buying your packing materials, you may as well sort the things you own first. With your inventory in tow, try to check whether or not you have things you can sell or things you might want to throw away. You can decide on these using different factors – such as sentimental value, projected worth, or even their compatibility with your new home’s design. 

Hire professionals to ease you up on the burden

Just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to ask for help. Professionals like long distance movers are professionally trained and equipped to handle your moving needs. This means you’re sure to know that professionals can transport your furniture and other accessories to your new home without the risk of damage. Plus, it’s extra convenience on your end. 

Setup a schedule you can consistently follow

The steps above surely are plentiful – aside from the packing and travel time, you might need to worry about meeting with a moving company New York City or wherever you’re moving. And this is on top of your usual duties at work and at home. When you’re planning a move, try to make yourself a schedule you can consistently follow. Taking the above into consideration, think of the sorts of moving tasks you can do in a given time that doesn’t put to risk your everyday routine.

Double-check your expenses

House moving isn’t cheap, and you’ll definitely spend money on various things outside redecorating your new home. Hiring movers have costs, and some packing materials might cost a lot as well. Keeping track of your expenses during your move can help aid you save money or be aware of how much you’re spending. 

Independence In Style: Worry-Free House Move

Who says you can’t do a house move alone? While it’s a common sight to see families and couples move together in new homes, today’s more vibrant and diverse society see professional women and individuals of different walks of life tackle independent living head-on. A lot of women and other professionals rent apartments and condominiums or even buy small houses to meet their needs. Conducting the first part of this process – the dreaded house move – isn’t easy on the get-go. This doesn’t make it impossible, though! If you follow the above tips, you’ll surely be able to pull off your dream move in no time at all.

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