Top 5 Things to Get Your Son for His 18th Birthday

Top 5 Things to Get Your Son for His 18th Birthday

As your son grows up, it becomes increasingly harder to choose gifts as toys and crayons are out of the option. And as he gets older, presents get fewer and more expensive. But that’s not to say the presents can’t be extra special, and they don’t have to be excessively expensive either. This is a list of 5 things to get your son for his 18th birthday, from personalized number plates to the latest aftershave.

  1. GoPro HERO7

Has your son got a taste for action? Let him record all of his adventures on a GoPro HERO7, the latest piece of kit to join the GoPro family. The camera can shoot in 4k film and has a 12mp camera, enough to get high quality images on the go. It’s waterproof up to 10m and can shoot in slow motion, all the features want on a top-quality action camera. The best bit? Its voice controlled, so if you’re on the go and your hands are a little busy, you can tell the HERO7 to ‘take a photo’ without any hassle, it’s an adventurers dream piece of kit to capture wild memories.

  1. Acqua Di Parma Colonia

This iconic fragrance oozes sophistication and is truly a classic scent suited to all. It is the true embodiment of Italy, made with Sicilian citrus fruits, lavender and rose, topped off with woody notes, sandalwood and patchouli. Unlike a lot of cheaper made colognes, Acqua Di Parma make their fragrances from natural scents and not factory-made scents. When buying online you can make the experience extra special as you receive complimentary samples to see which other scents suit you. As well as this, the cologne will be delivered in the Acqua Di Parma signature, hand-finished yellow box.

  1. Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Pad

Are you forever trying to contact your son but his phone is dead? Well then, this present is useful for both of you. The Anker Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a small, sleek piece of kit that can slide into your bag and be taken anywhere. Unlike the old, bulky phone chargers that we used to know, this slick piece of technology is great for anyone on the go that tends to run out of battery throughout the day, plus you don’t need to worry about taking your case off the phone as it charges through it. The pad is suitable for a range of different makes and models and could be a life-changing piece of tech for your son.

  1. Personalized Number Plate

If your son is new to driving and has recently bought a car once passing his test, a private number plate is a great way of a personalized touch to his new car. In the UK, they can be easily purchased online at a variety of websites such as who will offer you the best price on a variety of used private number plates. And one of the best things about buying a private number plate is that you can have some fun with it. Choose a word/phrase that means something to your son, or you could even add a comical element and choose a joke word for the number plate.

  1. Leather Laptop Case

If he’s off to University then it’s best to keep him equipped and prepared for what’s in-store. A laptop is an essential piece of kit for work and education and therefore it needs to be protected. A leather laptop case is a fantastic way to keep your possessions safe but still look smart and cool. There are many companies that supply leather and suede laptop cases to fit different brands and models, as well as in different colors and styles. If you’re struggling to decide, opt for a classic brown leather case that will look great with everything.

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