What You’ll Find in the Backpack of a Fitness Freak

What You'll Find in the Backpack of a Fitness Freak

Do you go to the gym, prepared to sweat a little, only to find out you don’t have your favorite sweatshirt in your backpack? Believe it or not, this happens to the best of us. When we’re in a hurry, we often forget to keep essentials in our fitness bag, and this creates a lot of hassle when we go to the gym.

If you’re doing strength training or even just some light treadmill runs, you need to make sure you have everything in your backpack. So you don’t waste your time and hard-earned money purchasing ‘useless’ gym essentials.

Though you may need other things depending on your exercise routine, here’s an easy cheat sheet you can use to make sure you have everything stocked in your gym bag. It’ll save you the precious time in the morning when you’re too lazy to think about anything and when you’re in a hurry to get to the fitness center.

So, if you don’t want to spend hard earned money buying things from the gym store, make sure you these items in your backpack.

A Sports Bra & Extra Tank Top

If you want to avoid a sticky, sweaty situation at the gym, pack an extra sports bra along with a tank top in your backpack. This won’t just help you when you feel there’s a need to change in between exercise but will also give you a chance to change into clean clothes once you have finished your routine.

Go for a stylish tank top and who knows, you might even get the chance to grab your morning coffee with a hot date. If you plan on showering and getting ready at the gym, also make sure you bring a fresh washcloth or towel and replace it once you get home.

A Water Bottle or Protein Shake

Though this may seem very obvious, sometimes we forget to bring along a water bottle with us. You need to remember that because you will be sweat a lot, you may end up dehydrated if you don’t drink water in between. Likewise, if you’re a fitness junky or need a quick energy boost mid-workout, you can also opt for a protein shake that’s full of calcium, protein and other essential nutrients. Make sure you have an empty, reusable bottle you can refill while in the gym so you have something you can hydrate yourself with.

It’s always a good idea to have citrus fruits as a part of your post-workout diet. You can carry your favorite fruits to the gym to replenish your potassium and calcium stores. Remember, a calcium-rich diet can lower your chances of an injury and prevent osteoporosis.

Deodorant or a Roll-on

Though sweating is okay, it’s not cool to smell even when you’re at the gym. This is why it is crucial that you take care of your hygiene and pack a deodorant or roll on in your fitness backpack. Even if you’re using it when you leave the house, make sure you bring it along too so you can use it again whenever you feel like. You can also use baby wipes to wipe off sweat and freshen up.

Nutrition/Protein Bar

If you don’t want to go through an energy dip, bring along an energy bar or another snack that will keep you fueled whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. Stay away from junk food because that will mean throwing your fitness off but pack easy-to-eat snacks that don’t take up a lot of room inside the backpack.

If you don’t want to pack a snack, then you can always make do with the protein shake because it has all the nutrients you need. If you’re buying a protein bar, read the label to find out whether it has the essential nutrients.

Makeup Bag

Whether you’re a makeup diva who likes to glam up whenever she steps out of the house or a makeup-minimalist who prefers a BB or CC cream, make sure your makeup bag is ready. Experts recommend that you should have a separate collection of things for your backpack, so you don’t have to worry about gathering everything each morning.

Shower Essentials

If you plan on showering before you head out of the gym, you also need to have the necessary toiletries. Everything from the shampoo and conditioner to the razor and shaving cream must be available so you can take a refreshing shower once you finish exercising. If you don’t get sweaty enough and don’t think you need a shower, you can also toss in a dry shampoo.

Miscellaneous Items

Make sure you have other essentials such as a headband, hairband, and elastics, so your hair doesn’t fall on your face when you’re exercising. You’ll also need something to keep you entertained during the workout like your cell phone and headphones. Other optional items such as jumping rope, style conditioner depend on you and what you like.

Remember, the only way you will be fit is if you also have a diet that’s rich in calcium. So, while you’re focusing on what to keep in your backpack, don’t forget to consider your diet as well. If you get injured, consult your doctor immediately. Now you can use HIPAA compliant telemedicine apps to contact your GP without having to visit the healthcare facility.

The backpack of a woman who’s a fitness freak should be full of essentials she’ll need during her workout session. So, make sure you consult this list the next time you’re packing your gym bag, and you won’t be leaving anything behind.

About the Author:  James Crook is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and fitness related topics. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for a Physical Health Centra Care. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.

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