Why Dating Yourself is Fun

Why Dating Yourself is Fun

If you’re tired of the dating scene and struggling to find someone you’re compatible with, why not spend a bit of time dating yourself? It may sound silly, but many people are now seeing the benefits of ‘dating yourself’ as a self-care practice, but even with those aspects set aside, it can be surprisingly fun! Here are five of the best things about dating yourself that make it a laid-back and enjoyable experience.

  1. Each Date is Your Perfect Date

Because you’re ‘dating’ yourself, every date will feel like the perfect date to you. Treat yourself by going to one of your favorite restaurants once in a while, buying a lavish entry and a glass of wine, or you might buy a ticket to a movie or show and choose the exact seat you want to sit in. Not only is treating yourself cheaper than paying for two, but it allows you to do things exactly as you like for once.

  1. Self-Care Days are Relaxing and Fun

‘Self-care days’ here is referring to a personal ‘big night in.’ If you’ve gone out recently and don’t want to put in the time, effort or money, order in your favorite delivery and spend the evening watching television shows you love or starting a book you’ve been meaning to read.

Or, if you’ve been feeling stressed lately, you could also schedule a massage, or spend time meditating, which is much easier to do on your own. This is another great thing about dating yourself: if you ever decide you aren’t feeling it and want to alter or cancel plans, there’s no significant other to be disappointed about the change in plans.

  1. Dates are Low-Stress

When you’re on a date with another person, even normally fun activities can sometimes feel stressful if you aren’t clicking or if you’re worried about leaving a good impression. But when you’re out with yourself, dates are always stress-free since the only person you’re trying to please is yourself.

If your job or daily routine is stressful and you’ve been feeling stressed during traditional dates, then dating yourself can be refreshing and fun since you’ll be doing things you love without worrying about how you appear to someone else. In addition, you’ll never get into any arguments on a date with yourself, unless it’s over which of two restaurants is your favorite!

  1. It’s a Great Time to Try Something New

Another benefit of being on a date with yourself is that you have the freedom to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. If there’s an activity you’ve always wanted to try that might seem scary to many others, such as skydiving or rock climbing, you’re free to give it a try since you have nobody to answer to but yourself. You might also plan a weekend getaway to someplace you’ve always wanted to visit, which will be cheaper and easier to plan anyway if you’re going it alone.

  1. You Can Get in Touch with Yourself

Many people who have spent the last few years searching for the perfect person don’t spend enough time thinking about who they are and what they want. If this sounds like you, then dating yourself is a great opportunity to take some time to reflect on what you want to do with your life.

Plan some ‘date’ time for self-reflection to think about your career, your hopes for the future, or even what you’ll be looking for in a partner once you decide to get back out into the dating scene. If you like, you can even make a ‘date’ out of it and visit somewhere you find relaxing or go for a long walk in the woods or on the beach, using the time to pause and reflect.

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