Women’s History Month: Closing the Ambition Gap

Women's History Month

Editor’s Note: HuffingtonPost Women regular, Marlo Thomas, an award-winning actress, author and activist, says “Women’s History Month is not just a time to celebrate where we’ve come from, or how far we’ve opened the door. It’s also a time for us to express our dissatisfaction that the doors aren’t opened wide enough.” She hails influential, thought-leading women like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and includes a slide show of women “who are leading the way – in different fields – all headed in the same direction, all part of the same march.”

Marlo Thomas
Marlo Thomas

March is Women’s History Month, and I’m being asked the same question – a lot:

“Whatever happened to the women’s movement? Where are the feminist freedom fighters today?”

I guess if people don’t see women marching, they don’t think they’re moving. But they need to remember that the marching, the protesting, of the Sixties and Seventies opened the door for a generation that we hoped would come after us. And it has.

It’s exciting to see three women on the Supreme Court. It’s exciting to see three women Secretaries of State and even women leading other nations. It’s exciting to see women anchor the nightly news, and it’s exciting to know that the chief operating officer of Facebook — the one who helps you connect with your hundreds of ‘friends’ — is, in fact, a woman.

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