7 Ways to Empower Women Today and Every Day

Editor’s Note: Cynthia Breilh, National Director of World Vision’s Women of Vision, provides seven tips to make a big difference in women’s lives. Breilh, who’s been with the organization for three years, works to equip, protect, and advocate for women in nearly 100 countries. These programs help women access health care, recover or protect themselves from exploitation, become educated and literate, access microloans and economic opportunities, and gain influence in their community to promote positive change.

Cynthia Breilh
Cynthia Breilh

As we prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day, here are seven easy tips to make a big difference for daughters, sisters and mothers across our world and right in our own neighborhoods.

1. Save a woman’s life in childbirth

2. Mentor a girl close to home

3. Use your voice to stop trafficking

4. Invest in a small business owner

5. Provide the ticket to education — clean water

6. Band together with like-minded women

7. Tell the women in your life that you care

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